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October 12, 2016

After the Hurricane

Since the VP Foundation’s headquarters are in North Carolina, numerous Foundation members have expressed concern about the VPF office. Indeed, some have been surprised that it is open.

However, Hurricane Matthew impacted the eastern half of the State, and Graham, home of the VPF, is centrally located. According to Joanne Yount, Executive Director, “The western edge of the storm drenched this area with about four inches of rain, and blew many limbs out of the trees.

“We had no power outages or flooding, though, and the VPF office is secure.” Conditions are very different to the east, where towns and cities such as Lumberton, Southport, and others are still trying to cope with the 12 to 15 inches of rain that fell over the weekend, with record-breaking, widespread flooding.

Theo Davis Printing Company, in Wake Forest, prints . Issue Number 44 has been slated for publication during October. Located just north of Raleigh, Wake Forest has been without power for several days.

Further, Ms. Yount said, “Prior to the storm, the VPF’s accountant was helping me with a financial article for the . Then some of her family who live in Hilton Head, South Carolina, evacuated to her home. Even though I’ve continued to work on the article, our CPA is definitely reviewing the numbers before they go to print!”

These frustrations are minor compared with the suffering of many North and South Carolinians “down East.” Also, hundreds of Foundation members live in areas recovering from Hurricane Matthew, including much of the East coast of the United States, from Florida up through Virginia.

If members relocate after Matthew, their mail, including Newsletter 44, will reach them faster if they inform the VPF office of their new address quickly.

October 2016

Annual VPF Drawing Is Launched

The VP Foundation’s 2016 Drawing will be held on January 6, 2017. According to executive director Joanne Yount, “Several times in the past, the VPF has offered Drawing tickets all through the fall, and then conducted the Drawing on January 6.”

Drawing 2016 items

Peter Fahnrich, VPF executive assistant,
with all four 2016 Drawing prizes

Known as Epiphany, January 6 commemorates the visit of the wise men from the East to Jesus in Bethlehem. They brought gifts. Instead of gold, frankincense, and myrrh from wise men, the VPF has been given silver, more silver, and pearls from wise women!

A long-time VPF member who wishes to remain anonymous donated a portion of her vintage silverware collection for the 2016 Drawing. Since she no longer uses it, she said, “I decided that a better use of this silver, than staying in the cabinet, is to support the VPF.”

The first prize from her collection is a set of eight sterling silver iced tea spoons in the French Provincial pattern (1948) by Towle. They are valued at $400. Second prize is a sterling silver youth fork and hollow handle knife set in the ever-popular Repousse pattern (1928) by Kirk Stieff, valued at $125.

Third prize consists of silverplate items, including four demitasse spoons in the Orange Blossom pattern (1910) by International Silver, and a large 13-inch dressing spoon by Sheffield Silver Co. in England. They are valued at $75.

Leta Dean, a former VPF Leader from the greater Chicago area, donated a strand of pink baroque 8 mm. cultured freshwater pearls with a rhinestone magnetic clasp, and matching 9 mm. button earrings. They are valued at $150. Baroque refers to the irregular shape of these beautiful freshwater pearls.

The price of Drawing tickets (PDF) has not changed in many years. They are still $4.00 each, or six for $20.00. This year’s goal is $75,000. Director Yount said, “Setting the bar high will take the Foundation to the next level of providing valuable services and resources for one purpose only - Recovery."

Bottle of True CMO by Jarrow

4 demitasse spoons by International Silver and
dressing spoon by Sheffield Silver Co.

Bottle of True CMO by Jarrow

Youth knife and fork by Kirk Stieff

Bottle of True CMO by Jarrow

8 iced tea spoons by Towle

Bottle of True CMO by Jarrow

Pink cultured freshwater pearls with
matching button earrings

The VP Foundation thanks Replacements, Inc. (silver) of Greensboro and Wade’s Jewelers (pearls) of Gibsonville, North Carolina, for their expertise in identifying, describing, and valuing the prizes.


September 2016

44 to be Published in October

During October the VP Foundation will publish issue 44 of The Foundation publishes this comprehensive periodical twice a year for VPF members. (See The VPF Newsletter.)

44 was originally scheduled for September. However, according to Joanne Yount, executive director and managing editor, “In August we decided to take a survey of members who have taken HTO/CMO. The response has been much greater than expected, which is good; but pulling all the information from the survey together has been time-consuming.”

Bottle of True CMO by Jarrow

The lead article in 44 will be CMO: A Second Look. Cetyl myristoleate (CMO) was the last therapy developed during two decades of biomedical research by scientist Clive C. Solomons, Ph.D. Since the other therapies developed through his research - a low oxalate diet, calcium citrate without vitamin D, and N-acetyl-glucosamine - work so well for so many people, CMO tends to be overlooked. (See Effective Treatment.)

Nevertheless, some of those afflicted by the syndrome, in enigmatic or near desperate circumstances, have experienced dramatically positive results after adding CMO to their treatment regimens.

In 44, food analyses of organic granolas, dried cayenne peppers, farro, whey, Ceylon cinnamon, avocado, radicchio, and Ashwagandha will be of particular interest to low oxalate dieters. A unique benefit of VPF membership is being able to request specific food and natural products to be analyzed in the laboratory for oxalate content.

Rounding out the issue are recovery letters, low oxalate recipes, and the launch of the VPF’s annual Drawing, along with a surprise or two. To receive issue Number 44 of as soon as it is published, go to Memberships.

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