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September 2014


VPF Drawing is October 9

The VPF’s annual Drawing will be held on October 9, 2014, the Foundation’s 22nd birthday. Three prizes have been donated for the Drawing. Download tickets (PDF).

Two Strands of Pearls

Two Strands of Pearls

Two Strands of Pearls

A VPF member in Pennsylvania donated two strands of lovely pearls. The larger 18-inch strand features 8 mm cultured freshwater pearls, individually hand-knotted, with a 14 karat gold clasp. The estimated value of this strand is around $700.

A second 17-inch strand of smaller pearls features an amethyst and blue topaz pendant set in 14 karat gold, with a 14 karat gold clasp. The estimated value of this strand is around $240.

When you want to look your best for a special occasion, these stunningly beautiful pearls are the perfect accessory.

Two Strands of Pearls

Framed Cross-Stitch

Framed Cross-Stitch

A VPF Leader in Kentucky donated an example of her prize-winning stitchery for the 2014 Drawing. This lovingly crafted angel is embellished with small pearls and a gold moon and stars. Professionally framed with conservation glass, it is beautifully presented in a gold frame with a royal blue mat.

Recovered VPF members know all about angels. However, theirs are not necessarily female with wings. More often they are male, with Ph.D. after their names!

This is a win-win-win situation for those who have suffered with the complex connective tissue syndrome the VPF sponsors research for. Ticket purchasers can support the Foundation - insure and protect their recoveries - and possibly, just possibly, win an elegant prize.

Proceeds are designated for the general operating fund of the Foundation, with the goal of providing new educational resources for members and others by the end of the year. Tickets (PDF) are $4.00 each, or six for $20.00.


June 2014

VPF Newsletter Published

, Number 40, was published and mailed to VPF members on June 20, 2014. This periodical, greatly valued by VPF members, is published twice yearly.

Foods Rich in Vitamin A and Low in Oxalate

Foods Rich in Vitamin A and Low in Oxalate

Vitamin A

The lead article, Getting Sufficient Vitamin A on a Low Oxalate Diet, by Michael Liebman, Ph.D., explains the importance of vitamin A to good health, especially good eye health. The difference in plant and animal sources of vitamin A is explained; and dozens of food sources rich in vitamin A that are low to medium in total oxalate content are illustrated in photographs and charts.

Nationwide NAG Shortage

During the past two to three months there has been a nationwide shortage of N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG), one of the effective therapies of the Pain Project Protocol, recommended by the VPF. (See , Number 36.)

NAG Bottles


The two primary providers of NAG are Source Natural and Jarrow. During the last week in May, Source Natural began accepting and shipping orders for NAG. Jarrow is projecting to have its product in-hand by mid-July, in a new formulation.

In addition, Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. recently stopped manufacturing Ox-Absorb, another effective therapy identified through research sponsored by the VPF. In 40, VPF Executive Director, Joanne Yount, gives comprehensive tips for dealing with these types of shortages, along with information about a new product that is proving to be promising.

To receive 40, become a member of the VP Foundation.


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