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March 2015

Ox-Absorb Available from VPF

Ox-Absorb bottle

A limited supply of Ox-Absorb is available from the VP Foundation. The manufacturer quit making it in early 2014. Recommendations for adjusting the Pain Project Protocol, which formerly included Ox-Absorb, were published in 40 in June of 2014. To order this issue, go to .

If you are interested in ordering Ox-Absorb from the Foundation, please write the VPF at Post Office Box 755, Graham, North Carolina 27253; or call us at (336) 226-0704.

December 2014

VPF Published

, Number 41, was published and mailed to members between November 26 and December 1, 2014. According to Executive Director Joanne Yount, “VPF members should expect to receive their no later than mid-December.”

Two Strands of Pearls

Michael Liebman, Ph.D., is a Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. A scientist with extensive experience in oxalate research, he manages the VPF’s Oxalate Testing Program for Foods, Beverages, and Natural Supplements. His research also focuses on the assessment of dietary factors that affect oxalate absorption and excretion, as well as the general area of obesity prevention.

Vitamin C and The Low Oxalate Diet

This issue features the relationship of Vitamin C and a low oxalate diet to good health. An individual’s diet can easily contain the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C within the guidelines of a low oxalate diet (40 to 60 mg. oxalate per day).

However, supplementation with high doses of vitamin C often results in flare-ups because a portion of the vitamin C in the body is converted to oxalate. Only high doses of vitamin C can lead to an appreciable increase in oxalate production, however.

Michael Liebman, Ph.D., Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Wyoming, and director of the VPF’s Oxalate Testing Program, is the author of the featured article on vitamin C. He discusses the key role that vitamin C plays in the synthesis of collagen for skin, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, and its role as an antioxidant.

Dr. Liebman gives comprehensive dietary sources of vitamin C as related to a low oxalate diet. He also explains deficiency symptoms, toxicity, food preparation, research related to upper respiratory tract infections, and more.

Annual Drawing Generates Vital Income

The Foundation held its annual Drawing on October 9, 2014. Prizes donated by VPF members included two strands of freshwater pearls and a framed piece of prize-winning counted cross-stitch. The prizes were valued at $1,165.

2014 Drawing

VPF Director John Edwards, Ph.D., draws a winning ticket, assisted by Executive Director Joanne Yount.

The winning tickets were purchased by a long-time Foundation member in Cottonwood, Arizona; a relatively new member in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and a friend of a VP Foundation volunteer in Alexandria, Virginia. In An Answer to Prayer, A Better Life, the Arizona winner gives an uplifting account of her recovery, as well as practical tips and encouragement for newcomers.

VPF members and friends purchased 805 Drawing tickets for a total of $2,846.00. In lieu of purchasing tickets, many individuals chose to make general and restricted contributions. A total of $34,615.89 was contributed to the VP Foundation during the fundraising period, which extended from mid-June to early October.

A big thank-you goes to everyone who supports the Foundation, during the annual Drawing, and all through the year. For how to make a year-end, tax-deductible donation, go to Giving for a Firm Foundation (PDF).

Low Oxalate Holiday Recipes

A full day of elegant menus for the holiday season, published in 41, includes six recipes from The Low Oxalate Cookbook – Book Two and a new recipe, Braised Kale, recently donated for Book Three. The total oxalate per serving is given with each recipe, for an allowable daily total of 53.7 mg. oxalate.

Menus for the Season

The Numerical Values Table of the Fall 2014 Addendum to the Low Oxalate Diet presents total and soluble oxalate data for natural organic snack foods from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods; fruit cocktail, polenta, loose leaf lettuce, fiddleheads from Maine (high in oxalate); Intestamine, Juice Plus+, wheat grass, and more.

Six pages of recovery letters full of practical information, a donation of The Low Oxalate Cookbook – Book Two to a medical center library, and fabulous recipes for New Year’s Day put this issue over the top. To receive 41, become a member of the VP Foundation.

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